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Pro-Asset’s building licence # 196689C and Registered Building Practitioner BUP0001856 status, ensures we can offer a comprehensive range of remedial services to all our clients. Typically most strata buildings will require building repairs prior to painting. Our building remedial services cover the entire range of potential building repairs required and our innovative access solutions will ensure the most cost effective and safe access solution for your work.

We work with strata companies, engineers, design practitioners and strata committees to ensure they have the most comprehensive and affordable remedial solutions. Our typical remediation work includes render repairs, concrete repairs – spalling and crack injection, joints – sealants and installations brick stitching, brick replacement, brick pointing, fibre cement sheeting repairs, carpentry repairs and waterproofing.

Project: 62 Booth ST, Annadale


Class 2 Strata building needing façade rectification and upgrading


Façade rectification included large areas of render repair and angle installation. Re-mortoring of brickwork and heli fixing brickwork and poly-urethylane control joints with backing rod.

External pressure wash and repaint


Building looks new after the completion of the façade rectification

Project: Strata Pool refurbishment


The pool area needed a waterproofing, tiling, drainage and access door upgrade


The Pro-Asset team demolished and removed 26 tonne of screte and tile from the 26th floor of the building.

13 tonne of sand and cement were craned with a 50m Crane onto the roof to be transferred to the pool area.

Wall tiles were 2.6m x 1.6m wide porcelain sheets imported from Italy.


A refurbished and functional pool area and satisfied tenants.