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Applications and Coatings

Commercial Painting

Our vision is to provide innovative coating protection for our client’s assets. Our painters are master painters with extensive experience in preparation and application of paint coatings. The Pro-Asset Painting team is focused on offering clients safe and economical solutions for all painting maintenance requirements.

We set out to build mutual long-term relationships with each of our clients from the very beginning. We create positive working environments and work as an extension of your business, offering premier painting advice, maintenance and solutions.

We are well-versed in dealing with traffic management requirements, B-Class hoarding requirements, lead and asbestos management and air quality management, along with government, local council and private sector permit requirements.

We provide the majority of our services to Strata Managers, Secure Facilities, Building Consultants, Government Bodies, Schools, Hospitals, Retirement Villages, as well as the commercial and industrial property sectors.

Our services work to provide an efficient and economical solution for our clients, including:

Commercial services –

  • Shut down and out-of-hours work
  • Labor hire of painters
  • Decorative and industrial coating systems for all types of substrates in all types of conditions
  • Graffiti removal, high pressure water washing and line marking
  • Safety, non-slip and decorative epoxy and polyurethane applications
  • Innovative funding solutions for painting maintenance (over 3 – 10 year contracts)
  • Lead based paint removal (including hygienist services)
  • Timber floor restoration
  • High pressure washing of infrastructure

Extensive range of in-house tools and equipment –

  • Fixed aluminum scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • 34ft boom lift
  • 8KVA generator with additional power tools for corrosion removal
  • Petrol and electric pressure washers
  • Spray units
  • Heating and extraction fans
  • Double-axel heavy duty trailer and single-axel trailer
  • On-site flame proof storage container
  • EnviroWash System; an eco-friendly onsite washing solution

Industrial Applications

We are experienced in providing premium coating solutions and specifications for any industrial substrate requirements.

We provide innovative metal and concrete coatings for production facility machinery, food production areas (walls and floors), processing plants (abrasion resistant coatings), production plants (chemical resistant coatings) and council sea pools (water emersion coatings).

Our services also extend to the application of structural and non-structural steel for various facilities; including sporting stadiums, libraries and community centres, bridges, guardrails and hand railings, production silo’s, steel water and chemical tanks, piping and public amenities.

We adopt a flexible approach to client needs, ensuring that whether the project is for a public facility or a private or industrial building, the project is as flexible as can be to any requirements for out-of-hours, weekends and public holidays works.

Decorative and Heritage Finishes

Our experienced team of painting maintenance professionals understand that the basis for quality decorative and heritage finishes starts with extensive preparation and attention to detail. This is reflected in the award-winning nature of our heritage projects, recognised by the Master Painters Awards. We work collaboratively with Heritage architects and accommodate any specifications as part of the overall restoration process.

Our trade qualified painters are master craftsman in decorative and heritage finishes. They understand the importance of applying the right heritage colour system and ensure work to ensure they pre-test with samples to achieve the right outcomes for each of our clients.

We are experts in decorative finishes; including stains, varnishes, mineral paints, gold bronzing, wall papering and many other decorative finishes.

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